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Full text of "Further Sources Of Vijayanagara History"

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Then the rulers of Uznmattur among those of the Karnataka
country took possession of Sivanasarauclra, strengthened the
fort since the Kaveri passes on both sides of it  and protected
it with fire arms and other weapons.    Then that   Tyaparaja
attained   heaven.   His   son   G-angaraja   made - safe  the fort
with many weapons and troops.    Subsequently, since his elder
brother Vira Narasingaraya returned  without success in his
attempt to conquer the palaiyagars and rajas of the Karnatafca
country after making war with them and acquiring the same,
and since they were not paying tribute, Raya Krsnaraya got
very angry against them, started  with  elephants,  horse, foot
soldiers, fire arms and some palaiyagars^ besieged the fort of
^ivanasamudra to the east of Paccimaranga (West Ranga) on
the banks of the Kaveri in the Karnataka country, admitted
into his fold Cikkaraya who was his (Gangaraya's) enemy and
along with some fSlaiyagars encamped on the hills Pretaparvata
and G-evuruyana, and blockaded for over a year   all  passage
to the   fort by   way   of  the  Haver!.    Gangaraya   drowned
himself in the depths of the Kaveri called Gangansucci,   Then
Kr§naraya took possession of that fort,  placed his men in
charge of it, returned to Srirangapattanam, conquered it, left
some parts under the charge of Kampa Gauda and Vlrappa
Gauda,   and   some   under   the charge  of   Cikkaraya,   con-
quered   the  palaiyappattus   of those   parts,   appointed   his
men    there,    fixed   one    crore   as   the   tribute   from   the
Karnataka country,  entered the same in his accounts, streng-
thened ^rirangapattana as the important city in the Karnataka
country in Łaka 1(4?)34 and in that year he hoisted a big flag
with Kn^araya's insignia, sahkha and cakra.    From there he
started and conquered at a stretch Goorg,  Malayalam and
Kerala in, fixed the tribute (from them), took possession of the
Pa^dya and Cola countries, returned to Vijayanagaripattana,
started like a second ocean with large armies, many palaiyagars
and horses besides guns and weapons, went to the northern
country, made friends with the king  of Kalinga and taking
him along with himself went in a conquering tonr through
Hindustan, the Gurjara and Magadha countries, besides many